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As part of our service to you, we will consider a number of Debt Solutions that may be suitable to you.

We only advise on Debt Management Plans, applications for Bankruptcy and how to respond to County Court Claims. If we feel that an alternative solution, such as a Debt Relief Order or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement would be suitable for you, we will signpost you to another source. We will also do this if it appears that the free advice sector would be more suitable.

An illustration of reducing monthly payments

Substantially reduce your

monthly payments.

A Debt Management Plan is designed to ensure that payments to your creditors are realistically affordable. Payments will be offered to your creditors on a pro-rata basis and will usually be less then the contractual repayments.

An illustration of stop Monthly charges

Ask creditors to stop all charges and interest.

As a Debt Management Plan is legally deemed to be an informal arrangement, your creditors are not obliged to stop charging interest but we will ask them to do so and in order to treat you fairly most will usually agree to do so.

An illustration of a debt free future

Help you plan for a debt free


Whilst bankruptcy should not be considered a ‘quick-fix’, if it is a suitable option for you, you could be debt free in a relatively short period of time. IVA’s tend to run for a fixed term and the length of a Debt Management Plan will largely depend on your level of contributions. Whichever option is suitable for you, we can help you plan for a Debt Free Future.

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Capital Financial Management is headed by Simon Bancroft, a non-practicing Barrister, who was one of the founding partners when the company was established in 1997.

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